Features of Parcel Delivery Script | Admin Panel

In today’s world of business, maintaining efficiency yet getting the job done with convenience is the secret mantra! Before launching a parcel delivery app business, you must consider various crucial aspects. While the ultimate goal is to deliver the parcel to your customers on time, it doesn’t happen just like that with a thread of coordination with drivers and riders. Before every successful delivery to the customers, there is an untold effort using the Admin Panel because it is one of the key versions with important features of Parcel delivery script


Admin Panel of Parcel Delivery Script plays a vital role in your business because that’s where everything about an order delivery begins and ends to deliver a parcel successfully. Here is a blog that will guide you on the must-have features of Parcel Delivery Script- Admin Panel. 

1. Comprehensive Dashboard: 

A dashboard must always be a central hub where all the features and options are visible and accessible on one single screen. This is one of those features of parcel delivery script where in a single interface, the dashboard should encompass your company’s profile and particulars. From here, you can review the validation, Know your Customer (KYC) by examining their relevant documentation. 

2. User Management:

As a super admin of the Delivery App Script, using the admin dashboard, the admins get access to manage users’ profiles, add users manually by registering their contact details, verify users’ accounts, and conduct other approval processes. Admins can also view the customer details like contacts, and previous orders to analyze the customer behavior, and also provide them support with chat or call options. With the admin dashboard, admins get direct access to the customer database.

3. Drivers Management: 

Like how the admins/super-admin can get control over users’ profiles and details, the same is applicable to the drivers’ accounts. Admins can go through drivers’ credentials, and conduct background research in order to verify their profiles. This also allows the admins to activate and deactivate drivers’ accounts whenever needed. An admin also gets to track the drivers in real-time if the order is being delivered properly or not.

4. Orders Management

Admins can literally get all the orders notified in their dashboards to assign them to appropriate drivers. Right from the order being received, the admins can notify the users/customers with notifications with necessary information like “Order received, Drivers Assigned, Package picked up, Package delivered, rating and review, etc.”   The admins also get to resolve the issues if any, in between the process of pick up and delivery.

5. Payment Management:

In the admin portal of Parcel Delivery Script, depending upon the package size/weight, mode of transport, and distance you can set the pricing and add an additional tariff for extra km. You also get the advantage of collecting the payment details through the portal for the automated payment process for the delivery companies. At any point in time, the admins can check the settled and unsettled transactions and act accordingly through the portal.

6. Customer Support:

In the admin dashboard, you can provide support to your customers with chat and call options in Parcel Delivery Script. You can also reach out to the drivers if there is any requirement during the delivery co-ordination. Admins can answer customers’ queries, resolve disputes, and ensure that customers have a seamless experience. 

7. Analytics and Reports:

The analytics and reports are the most helpful features of parcel delivery script in the dashboard lets the admins analyze the performance of the business. The admin panel offers accurate order statistics by date and time, helping admins analyze performance and improve strategies.


In the pick-up and drop service operation, the admin panel is crucial for ensuring successful deliveries to your customers. It allows the business owners as super admins/admins to run the process seamlessly ensuring customer satisfaction and business growth in Parcel Delivery Script. Visit us to learn more about our products and services on the development of on-demand service apps like Parcel Delivery Script and much more. 


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