8 On-Demand Courier Delivery App Trends 2023

Post-pandemic, On-Demand services like Food Delivery, Courier Delivery, and Taxi booking have become the new normal in business models. Amidst various models, new trends in Courier Delivery App trends enhance customer experience, aligning with evolving business landscapes. These On-Demand Businesses have now started as software and mobile applications with easy accessibility and an approachable interface. Market researchers also add that after the pandemic, in 2020 44.1 million smartphone users used a minimum of 1 delivery application, every day. 

Are you one of the entrepreneurs planning to start a Delivery Business with an  On-Demand Delivery App Script? Do you want to know all the recent On-Demand Courier Delivery App trends that your competitors use? You are at the right place. We have come up with this blog that will give you a list of current popular On-Demand Courier Delivery App Trends. 

1. Considering Customers’ & Delivery Agents’ Thoughts 

This trend as a feature is called Rating and Review System in the Courier Delivery App Script where customers can give ratings or write a review for the restaurant or delivery agent. This can also be implemented vice-versa by having the feature of rating customers by drivers/delivery agents in the rider’s app. 

2. Order History Feature

This trend is nothing but the feature option of letting customers and drivers know about their order history. This can even help the customers to repeat the orders with a reference if they find anything to be their favorite order or regular order on a day-to-day basis. This also allows drivers/delivery agents to have a proper track of the number of deliveries they did in their Rider’s Courier Delivery Clone Script.  

3. ChatBot for Customer Support

Having an automated ChatBot for general queries from customers is an interesting and trending feature that can be seen in almost all the recent competitors of Courier Delivery App Script. This doesn’t include talking to the delivery agents. To contact the driver/delivery agent, a message and call option feature can be helpful to the customers. 

4. Live Order Tracking

In this trending feature of live order tracking, the customers can literally see where the delivery agent is in real time using maps. In most of the On-Demand Courier Delivery App Script, this is a common feature that you need to develop before purchasing the whole script or source code of Courier Delivery App Clone for business. 

5. Wallet Management 

This has always been a trending feature in most delivery app scripts. The wallet management feature allows the customers to recharge their wallet with money so that they can make their payments easily with just one or two taps, maximum. This can also be used in cases where the admin adds money to the wallet in case of refund issues.

6. Scheduled Orders

This is an attractive feature of letting customers schedule their order deliveries prior to their busy schedule. This allows the customers to have the flexibility to place orders and receive them according to their availability and requirements. 

7. Multiple Payment Options

It is very crucial to have a trendy feature where in your Courier Delivery App Script, you can let your customers pay via multiple payment methods like Cash -On-Delivery, Debit/Credit cards, UPI and net banking, etc. This allows the customers to have a smooth and easy experience throughout their payment process, according to their convenience.
In a Courier Delivery App Script, technical reliability and bug-free operation are just as vital as trendy features for ensuring customer satisfaction. To ensure the source code of your app script is well-written and developed, you must hire the best web development and mobile development agency. Visit us to know more. 


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